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Ask the doctor or nurse to write the instructions for taking your medicines on an Asthma Action Plan.
Questions to ask the doctor or nurse:
Which medicines are preventive medicines and which are quick relief medicines?
For each medicine ask:
" How much to take and when to take it.
" How long to take it.
" What are the possible side effects and how to avoid them?
" Is it inhaled medicine, a pill, or a syrup?
" About how much will it cost?
" Can I get two prescriptions so that I can keep one at school?
" How to use your pump or inhaler correctly.
Ask for a spacer if any medicines are in a pump.
Ask for a peak flow meter and instructions on using it.
Ask what to do and who to call if your breathing gets worse and your medicine is not helping.
Ask to speak a social worker if you have trouble paying for medicines or doctor's visits, or need help with housing or other issues that effect your asthma.
At each visit, the doctor should:
take a peak flow reading
ask you about recent symptoms
show you how to use a pump
discuss your triggers and how to prevent asthma episodes
tell you what to do if you have asthma at school or work
tell you how to get in touch if you are having asthma symptoms after the office is closed
review your Asthma Action Plan
When you go to the doctor, always:
bring all of your medicines, including home remedies or nonprescription medicines
bring your peak flow meter and diary
bring your spacer
demonstrate how you use your medicines and peak flow meter to make sure you are doing it right
Tell your doctor right away if because of asthma, you have:
missed school or work
had symptoms, including waking at night due to coughing
gone to the emergency room
been hospitalized

Take your medicine exactly as the doctor says.
" Get the prescriptions filled right away.
" Take the right amount of medicine at the right times.
See your doctor within 2 days of any emergency room visit or hospitalization. EVEN IF YOU FEEL BETTER.
Keep taking the medicine as long as the doctor says to even if you feel fine and you are breathing well.
For more information call the Asthma Action Line
1-877-ASTHMA-0 " (1-877-278-4620)